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Hello Im Josh and welcome to my blog, here you can view my different works in art & design animation. I studied at the South East Essex College and graduated in Multimedia & Animation. I then studied at the University of Glamorgan where I completed 2 short films in 2D using Adobe Flash, Premiere, Photoshop and After effects. I am always pursuing my passion in art and animation and continue to better my skills to meet the needs of the industry. you can also visit my website at http://www.joshua-forman.co.uk/

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Cumple feliz Mario

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

End Of Project Evaluation

Joshua Forman

BA Animation


End of Project Evaluation

During this years Final Major Project I have learnt a lot in basic principles of animation and a lot more in the technical side of film making. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this film in Flash, I ultimately found a new creativity of style and design during the making of this film. I started out planning to make a 2D Traditionaly animated film with a green theme with an existing soundtrack.

Which during pre-production turned out to be 4 minutes long due to the length of the song being 5 minutes I managed to cut it down to sync to my animatic at 4 minutes. So I drasticly had to find another way of speeding up production to make Sustain Twenty-Fifty my third year film. I had previously made an E-card in flash before receiving this monster of a project, and sat down to experiment with flash and create a simplistic style in which I could animate with. I did this during the end of pre production and decided I liked it.
It turned out to be a cut out retro game kind of look which now holds up throughout the whole film except for an under water background which I had created in photoshop.

On completion of the film I realised there would have to be some recycled animation and scenes aswel as a lot of tweens and panning backgrounds to finish for the deadline, so if I were to do this film again, I would have better time planning and put more time into the animation which the majority of it lacks. I created some very stylistic characters and visuals during the making of this film which I have become fond of and think I will definitely embrace into my portfolio and possibly use in other works in the future. I hope that my film is well received online and other places it might be shown and taken fairly seriously and not as just another naff green themed film effort. It holds a lot of different mixed Idea's and themes and might not make a lot of sense very clearly. But the aim was to make it quite vague and only people who are really watching or posses the knowledge of such disasters will know the true plot of the film. As a film maker being passionate about music, the music that I then chose for this film and asked for permission for is very much the main influence of the film. And I think this is what will hold it up due to the powerful melodies and subtle arpeggio's synced with colourful and striking images. And aswel as following some characters and narratives we visit a lot of real world disasters at surreal proportions.

Monday, 17 May 2010


The Shot of the penguins and polar bear trying to survive on a melting iceberg

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bad Banana Belt

New edited version of the bad banana belt scene, new band poster in background as a hommidge to the soundtrack of the film


there will be another shot with bears and pingu's just got this pan for now

Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed

scene of adolfo experiencing loneliness and despair in the aftermath of the planets destabilization with only his money and decomposing banana's


This is a newly added shot that wasnt in the original storyboard that i thought was apropriate to kind of put some closure on the characters journey he finaly finds the girl at the bottom of the ocean

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Banana Boat

after Arturo has pulled the plug on the sea bed, we see the ocean drain and adolfo in his speed boat going down with it, for a little light humour Toco poo's on his head in this shot

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Beach

Here we have followed Arturo to the coast where he see's a mirage of the missing 24 year old girl and the banana co ship is noticeable in the background, and in the foreground we see the turtles without there eggs due to egg poachers


quick establishment shot of toco flying past the volcano before the climax


Toco shows us the devasting outcome of deforestation

Pulling the plug

City Meltdown 2

City Meltdown

Deep sea fish

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Monday, 3 May 2010