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Thursday, 24 December 2009

little people with big money

A group in the social network facebook denounces the supposed maltreatment and oversight that there suffer the animals that live in the zoo Simón Bolívar

In several photography that they assure the informers were taken in the of the capital zoo they are seen to the animals in deplorable conditions.

For example there appears the lagoon of the crocodiles full of garbage, also raccoons and other animals in cages that do not allow them to move with freedom.

Also they denounce that the food that give to the animals is not a part of the diet that they would consume in his natural habitat.

On his part the authorities of the zoo shake off and make sure to themselves that this is a part of a pursuit badly deliberate.

They make sure that they value the option to proceed legally against the founders of the group for calumny.

The group is provided with more than 7000 members and it was created by a young man of English nationality who visited the zoo as tourist.


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