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Friday, 30 April 2010

John Perkins on what to know

an important read taken from this page I urge you to read xxx


Perkins offers several ways to help stop “the corporatocracy and to end this insane and self-destructive march to global empire.”

• Read between the lines of each and every media report and help others do the same. The majority of our media outlets – newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, television stations, radio stations, etc. – are owned by huge international corporations and these corporations aren’t afraid to manipulate the news they deliver. Always seek the truth and encourage others to do the same.

• Cut back on oil consumption and shopping. When you are shopping, be very aware of the products you buy and the companies you’re supporting.

• Downsize your personal possessions, including your home, your car and your office.

• Protest against unfair free trade agreements.

• Protest against companies that exploit desperate people in sweatshops.

• Protest against companies that pillage the environment.

• Look for ways to educate others about what is going on in the world. This can be done by writing letters and emails to friends, newspapers, school boards and local organizations.

• And finally, ask yourself the following questions:

Why have I allowed myself to be sucked into a system that I know is unbalanced?

What will I do to help our children, and all children everywhere, to fulfill the dream
of our Founding Fathers, the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

What course will I take to end starvation, and make sure there is never again a day
like September 11th?

How can I help our children understand that people who live gluttonous, unbalanced
lives should be pitied but never, ever emulated, even if those people present
themselves, through the media they control, as cultural icons and try to
convince us that penthouses and yachts bring happiness?

What changes will I commit to making in my attitudes and perceptions?

What forums will I use to teach others and to learn more on my own?

These are the essential questions of our time.

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